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a symphony of knots

as if they were crafted to embrace your unique form

the obi, a timeless companion to the kimono,

whispering secrets of adaptation and allure.


with an illustrious lineage spanning through the ages,

the obi has unfurled its repertoire of styles to harmonize with every kimono and occasion.


a simple yet profound concept

a chameleon of fashion, with the ability to metamorphose its structure

and impart breathtaking style to align with your distinctive silhouette.


in this modern era,

envisioning the kaleidoscope of knots the obi can conjure,

all while revering the sanctity of the kimono age.


bringing not only its elegant appearance but also encapsulates the depth of meaning within each pattern, the tales that dance with every obi.


may you find a piece of obico.

be enlightened and enriched.

and be as you are...



department 1

Custom-made kimono obi bags


Believe in your inspiration! Find and create your kind of "one-and-only" kimono obi bags today.



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department 3

Kimono interiors


Add a bit of Tokyo essence in your everyday life. We produce eye-catching interiors utilizing vintage kimono and obi fabrics.



department 4

Other ethical goods


Introducing a selction of our ethical goods utilizing waste pieces of kimono and obi fabrics





Company overview

Company name: Geisha & Co.
Brand name: obico
Address: 〒983-0817 101-17-1101, Yamamoto-cho, Odawara, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, JAPAN
Representative: Koji Konno (director)
Established: Feb. 2022
Business details: Upcycling vintage kimono and obi fabrics to handbags, interiors and other ethical goods.

Greeting from the director

Thank you so much for your interest in our products.

The idea of starting up this business is based on what I have felt as a Japanese living overseas communicating with people all over the world. Also, I have strong sympathy for participating in achieving the SDGs.

Our goal is to spread the beauty and coolness of Japan overseas.

Japan has various cultures which can be proud of in the world. Food, anime, transportation, martial arts and so on. There is no doubt that all these cool cultures were born from the character of Japanese people such as kodawari=craftmanship, omotenashi=hospitality, and kaizen=spirit of continuous improvement.

While there are many core fans around the world who enthusiastically support them, it is also true that there are still many Japanese cultures that are not well known.

We would be very happy to be involved in the work of spreading such wonderful Japanese culture to the world supporting SDGs spirits.

We believe that KIMONO is one of those cool Japanese culture which many have heard the word but are not sure what they are or know what they are but never worn or even touched.

Even for Japanese people nowadays, majority have never worn them.

We have researched and found out that there are more than 200.000.000 kimono which have been stored (and never been worn again!) in closets at home in Japan. We believe these kimonos should and can shine again not only in Japan but also worldwide.

Finally, we have come to the idea of upcycling those kimono fabrics to stylish fashion items like handbags and cool interior products.

All our products are one-of-a-kind items, and we do not mass-produce them at all.  Our craftsman specialized in Japanese sewing develops and hand-makes products that make the best use of the characteristics of the fabric so that the fabric can shine the most.

  • Director: Koji Konno

    graduated international hospitality management school, Sydney, Australia | 20+ years in hotel & restaurant industry | back in Japana 2021 | launch Geisha & Co. 2022 | launch obico 2023
  • creative director: Yukie Konno

    graduated sewing & design school, Sendai, Japan | 20+ years in sewing & wedding industry | co-founder of Geisha & Co. and obico

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