Precautions for use and warranty

At obico, we only use high-quality vintage kimonos and obi fabrics to remake make our products.
These materials of the vintage fabrics are unique and one-and-only. We consider their unique colors, textures, and wear as the characteristics of each fabric and are not considered defects.
These materials are fine and delicate, thus needed to be handled with care especially in the exposed areas of the bag.
Some parts of the bag may fade slightly especially in high humidity.
For complete protection against color transfer, avoid contact with light colored items.

Please make sure to follow the following precautions to maintain the beauty of the bags longer.

Avoid contact with water, oils, fragrances, and cosmetics.
In case of spillages that cause stains adhere to the surface, please lightly dab it with a clean lightly moistened white cloth. Never scrub hard or use detergent.

Avoid high exposure to heat or strong light.

Please be careful not to scratch it by contact with rough surfaces.

Direct contact with water may cause damages of the product, so please avoid using it in rainy weather.

Wrap it in the attached non-woven fabric and store it.
Avoid storing in extremely hot, humid, or poorly ventilated areas since humidity is the enemy of kimono and obi.
If the product will not be used for a long period of time, remove it from the drawer or closet at least once every 6 months and ventilate it in fresh air for at least 12 hours in a dry place without direct sunlight.


obico products are handcrafted from the finest vintage materials to ensure satisfaction and service. We offer a one-year warranty on our handbags. For any manufacturing defects (loose stitching, zipper pull breaks, zipper slider wears out, buckle and other accessory defects) within this warranty time frame, repairs are on us. Beyond the warranty period, we offer repair services at set fees.
Should there be any other manufacturing defects that are not mentioned above within the warranty period, feel free to contact us at We will attend to your queries/issues in 1 - 2 working days.
If in any case where repairing of the bag is not feasible (within warranty period), obico will exchange a new bag of the same design or provide a 50% discount based on the price of the bag that was submitted to us for repairs.
However, scratches, tears, stains, stains that occurred during use. Please note that fading or discoloration due to friction, water exposure, UV rays, aging, or damage caused by incorrect usage will not be covered.
A warranty card will be enclosed with the purchased product. Please be sure to scan the QR code and read the precautions of use before using the product.

Warranty period: 1 year from the date of shipment of the product (only if the warranty conditions are met. Only shipping within Japan)