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Fabric Panel【Sanyou】壁掛けきもの帯ファブリックパネル【山陽】

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M サイズ: 34cm x 25cm x 2cm
S サイズ: 28cm x 23cm x 5cm
重量: 150g (±)

Transformed from vintage kimono obi fabric, this interior gem exudes the enchantment of a bygone era. The opulent ambiance, reminiscent of the Japanese gem "Alexandrite," comes to life with the play of morning and evening sunlight, the glow of orange bulbs, and the allure of LED lights.

With just one piece, it effortlessly bestows charm and warmth upon your entire space. Its ultra-lightweight design, easily mounted with a single nail, blends simplicity with an ethereal presence. Whether in the living room, hallway, bedroom, or even the restroom, this piece harmonizes seamlessly, radiating the essence of refined Japanese art.

What's more, combining multiple pieces unveils fresh expressions, enhancing the ambiance of your space. Tailor the arrangement to your taste and room theme for a uniquely captivating experience.

This transcends mere interior décor—it's a harmonious fusion of vintage kimono obi allure and contemporary lifestyle. Embrace the unique atmosphere it brings to your space, offering a touch of luxury and elegance to your everyday surroundings.

M size: 34cm x 25cm x 2cm
S size: 28cm x 23cm x 5cm
Obi fabric: pure silk
Name of obi: Sanyou
Weight: 150g approx.

【Made to Order】※photos are image only (design may change slightly depending on the position of fabric used)

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Fabric Panel【Sanyou】壁掛けきもの帯ファブリックパネル【山陽】
Fabric Panel【Sanyou】壁掛けきもの帯ファブリックパネル【山陽】
Fabric Panel【Sanyou】壁掛けきもの帯ファブリックパネル【山陽】
Fabric Panel【Sanyou】壁掛けきもの帯ファブリックパネル【山陽】
Fabric Panel【Sanyou】壁掛けきもの帯ファブリックパネル【山陽】

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